Wednesday, June 2, 2010

God Bless America

Jeremy bought a new house in 2007, I moved down in December of '08. He had roommates that lived here (he's gone a lot) before I moved in. I would like to share these plain, boring, Americana, before-I-moved-in pictures.

This was the view when you walked in through the front door.It's just a hallway, but with about 20 different country, Americana stuff all over it. I'm not dissing the American flag, at all, I just don't think it needs to be on every available surface!
If you look close you can see a square of the paint color on the wall and Jeremy taking a snooze. haha

Here's a close up of the living room. More American flags and the largest coffee table in the world (which had slate rock on it and when you would put a drink down it would scrape. Gave me the heebie-jeebies.):
View going towards the left:
 Nice storage for the dvd's.

I think the American flag threw up all over the house.

Ok, now we're jumping back to the couch in front of the fireplace:
The most country hutch in the world. It's colonial blue. Yuck.

You can see the back door that leads to the screened in porch in the above picture. The room you see is the breakfast nook. Here's a pic (from the opposite angle):

And here's the kitchen sink:

Why are there glade candles being displayed on the ledge? I'm not really sure. And liquor mixes? Not a clue. That was the roommates doing. Buuut then I moved in. And the roommates moved out. And the house got whipped into shape. So stay tuned for the after pictures.

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