Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I still got it.

We needed new pillows. And yes it was a need and not a want.

That just looks sad, dark and flat from my Harley laying on them. We needed something to lighten that biotch up. So I bought some ivory pillows to match our ivory curtains. (Which reminds me, I still need to take some pictures of the house so you don't think it still looks like this!)

I decided to go with a light, pale-ish blue as the accent color for the living room area. I just couldn't find the right pillows. Joann fabrics happened to be having a sale online on their Waverly fabric, so I picked up a yard that I think is perfect. I mean, heck I took the sewing class in high school and I have a sewing machine. I surely can remember how to use it.. It wasn't that long ago! So I blew the inch of dust off my machine and set up shop. And completely blanked on how to load the thread (thank god for instruction manuals!)

The pillow took approximately 5 seconds to make, once i remembered how to work my machine. I'll spare you the details because it really is simple. And here's the finished products!

I still want one more lumbar pillow to make it asymmetrical and feel more casual.

And yes, I want it to look exactly like that. haha.

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