Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sprucing Up the Back Porch

When I made my way to Ohio last month I was given my Easter gift from the Easter Bunny. No more Easter baskets, now it's stuff for the house. What the kind bunny dropped off was an outdoor picture for the porch. How'd he know?!

So I taped some paper up to find the perfect spot and height.

But I thought that a random floating picture would look a little weird here. So I dragged the table from the hallway to see how it would look.

Oh yeah. Much better. Sure the faux-picture paper needed lowered but you can totally see the potential.  Since that table was still needed in the hallway, I put my building boots back on and headed on over to I figured I would try out the rustic modern console. I modified it to 36 inches in length so it would fit better.

This was by far the easiest table to build. The total cost was $18 for 2 1x12's, 6 feet long each. It was simply two cuts per board and screwing it all together and took less than an hour. Awesome. I used a dark oak poly-stain that we already had to finish it. And this is where my fail post comes in. The stain says that you shouldn't apply it when its over 90 degrees and it was around 95 degrees the day I was building this. So being the impatient person I am, I moved it into the kitchen. And this is what happened.

Oops! Lots of paper towels and the magic eraser = no harm done.

But anyways. Back to the table. Here it is stained with the picture hung:


I'll be back with a post on the sweet scores I got to accessorize the table.

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