Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well, I guess y'all are wondering who I am. (Hey, I was just in Texas, remember? haha) The name's Lindsey, hence My Lindsanity. It's the nickname Perez gave to Lindsay Lohan and how could I not use it? My partner in crime for all of our little projects is Jeremy, the future hubby (I hate the word fiance).

We were hooked up, unwillingly, by our mothers because we both are "weird", so thanks guys. Really. But that should give you some insight about us. Weird. I lived in Ohio, he lived in North Carolina. And somehow our mothers were right, and our weirdness just seemed to go together. After countless flights, and 10 hour drives, we decided it was time for me to make the move down. We got our little Harley-monster around that time too. He was a whopping 8 pounds.

Now he's 92 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal... creeepy.

Jeremy bought a brand new house a couple months before we met, so our projects are trying to upgrade the "builder-grade" things around the house. We both tend to start a whole lot of projects at once, but eventually make our way to finishing them. Eventually being the key word in that sentence. So, there ya have it. Two young kiddos trying to make this house our home while keeping you posted on all of our adventures.

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