Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Congrats Brother!

Yep, that's where I have been this past weekend for my brothers graduation party. Here's how the weekend went down.

Harley-monster and I made the 10 hour drive up on Thursday. Let me tell you, road trips by yourself are the opposite of fun (Harley doesn't say too much ;). It went fairly smooth, for the most part.. besides moving 4 miles in 30 minutes in Virginia and hitting a terrible thunderstorm in West Virginia where lightening struck a tree which fell in the middle of the road. Yuck. We made it though!

My brothers graduation party was on Saturday so I spent all Saturday morning helping out my mom. She found a cute recipe to make little graduation caps out of mini Reese peanut butter cups.

I think this is a great place to stop and throw a hint out to Jeremy. If I had the Canon Rebel XSi that picture would be so much better! And as you like to say it would have been "phenomenal"... 

Ahem. Back to the Reese caps. I placed the Reese cups upside down and dabbed a little frosting on the bottom of it. The recipe said to use after eight mints for the cap but couldn't find them anywhere. So the next best thing were chocolate graham crackers and I cut them down to size. The frosting is used as the "glue" to hold the graham cracker's down. Then I simply used frosting in a tube and made the little loops and placed an M&M on top! Viola! 

My dad's band also played at the graduation party. 

My dad's the guy singing on the right. And those weirdo girls in the back may or may not be me and my sister. haha.

The rest of my time spent in Ohio consisted of hanging out and going to antique/flea markets. I scored some sweet goods that you'll have to come back and check out!

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