Monday, June 21, 2010

Beach Bum

Ahhhh. Glorious. This is where I have been all weekend. Jealous? muahahaha. (That was me doing the Dr. Evil laugh) Me and my friend headed down to Myrtle Beach for a nice relaxing weekend. Bonus: I finally got to try out my waterproof camera!

That last picture is alllmost flattering, ha.

While we were there I was planning on collecting some seashells to make a little display with. Buuut I got sucked into the ocean aka lazy and decided I would take the easy way out and buy some. So on Sunday, when I got back, I printed out a coupon and made a trip to Michael's to purchase said seashells. I ended up with a lot more than just seashells. I bought some decorative balls to put in our glass lamp base. It was disturbingly empty, like Heidi Montag's head, haha. (On a side note: Her separation/divorce with Spencer is such a publicity stunt! I don't believe it for a second!)

Anyways, here's the empty lamp (we it got on sale for $20 at target):

And filled with the balls:

I also threw in a starfish for good measure. I must have been really inspired by the beach, huh?

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