Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day Dreaming

Something caught my eye when I posted about about the hallway picture frames. Something really ugly. See it?


Up there in the top right corner. And you know what’s extra bad? All the light fixtures in the house match. I mean, they may be for some people, but they are definitely not for me. So, even though we are not ready to buy brand new fixtures for the whole entire house, I figured it wouldn’t hurt look for some online. Right?

How about something like this? Think JJ would go for this? It’s only $1,299.99. HA!


Ok, seriously. I’m kind of diggin’ this one. And much more affordable, $349.00.


Or maybe something with a little more metal?


Or maybe a mix of the glass and metal. I seem to be attracted to glass fixtures.


Ok. I need to stop. I have a serious hankering for that last chandy. Only $798. No big deal.

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