Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Good, the Plaid, and the Ugly: The Reveal

Ah that feels so good just to type that. The bathroom face lift is done! Since this is new house we didn't have any major renovations to do. It just needed a little work. Hopefully this face lift isn't like Heidi Montag's --better before. Jeremy and I have plans to put in hardwood floors in the future, so that's why the ugly vinyl floor was left. This is what the bathroom looked like when I moved in:


And here is what it looks like now:

I followed younghouselove's advice and bought an extra long 95" shower curtain. It makes the bathroom feel so much larger and spacious. 

Ah, I love it.  Too bad it's only the guest bathroom because I love it so much I want to hang out in there.

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  1. goodness, that is a thousand times better!! great job, and i love the muted tones you used. coming over from my backyard eden.

  2. I'm redoing my bathroom, hopefully it will come out like this one. Love the gray, which paint is that?

  3. Why thank you! I color matched Benjamin Moore's Cape May Cobblestone at Lowe's.