Friday, August 27, 2010

Brad Pitt for the Win

I recently stumbled upon a website that morphs two pictures together to see what your child would look like.  You can morph two celebrities, upload pictures of yourself and a friend to morph, or morph yourself with a celebrity. The pictures you upload have to be front facing pictures. I thought it might be funny to see what J and I's future children would look like.Since J has an extreme aversion of getting his picture taken it took some searching to find one but one emerged from the depths of my iphone. I think it was a sneak attack picture at Applebee's.

 I'm cool and found this myspace-esque picture I took it of myself from a while ago. I should have at least made my background look better.

So I morphed those pictures and somehow our future son is going to look like Donald Trump.

Seriously? They think I would let my kids hair look like that? My mom said if our kid looked like that she's sure we'll still love it. lol

Out of pure curiosity I wanted to see what my love child with Brad Pitt would look like. 

Much cuter. Sorry J. Brad Pitt for the win.

For now (and about ten more years) I'm fine with our son looking like this:

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