Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Office

I’ve recently realized I actually have shown very little of our house. So without further adieu, half of our office! You would be seeing the full she-bang but I was playing with the lock-switch-thing on the side of the memory card and the whole thing cracked before I could take the other half of the rooms pictures. Yikes.
This is actually MY ROOM. It was supposed to be J’s “Man Cave” but I sneak attacked and started painting it while he was off on one of his trips. I have no idea why he wouldn’t want his “Man Cave” to be painted this color? tee hee.
Those are my tattooed fishies on the left, Will and Grace. Yes, they are actually tattooed.
The other half of the room is nothing to look at. It consists of a cheap futon which is soon to be on the outs. We’ve got our sights set on building this daybed.  So maybe once we finished building it I'll be able to show you the rest of MY room.
Do any of you guys have your own special room?

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