Friday, July 9, 2010

Wizard of Odds

While I was back in Ohio, the gals in my family hit up some antique stores/flea markets. One being named the "Wizard of Odds." It was half flea market, half antique store. My favorite find? A Steve Urkel doll. Ahh I miss TGIF. Anyways. I think I found the most expensive vase in the whole store when we first walked in. It was $100. for a banana vase. psh! Apparently I'm just drawn to expensive things.. even at antique stores.

I really was hoping to find a nice vase or a unique mirror but had no such luck at the Wizard's palace. But I did score a new glass coffee table for only 40 buckaroos!

There she is in all her glory.  Here's a shot of the coffee table we had before:

In our defense those were leftover from my college apartment days. One word: HUGE. The glass table really makes the room feel much bigger because it opens the floor up.

So have any of you scored any sweet flea market finds lately?

1 comment:

  1. nice find....looks so much better than the wooden one.

    i didn't do a flea market find, but did find a great chair and made that over. woudl love to share it with you, but don't know how to send a pic...