Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TV over Mantle?

I know this isn't exactly a new thing here, but am I alone in severely disliking when people hang their tv's over the mantle? How uncomfortable is that? You have to crane your neck to look at it! That's not exactly how I want to watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey..

Or how about this option:

Yeahh, not so much. That is so impractical. I can picture now Harley sitting directly in front of it during my precious shows! haha. I'll stick with my ginormous tv in the corner, thanks!


  1. So I was VERY against putting a tv over the fireplace for the same reasons you stated...but when I talked to my interior designer, he said you shouldn't have two focal points in a now I am putting above the fireplace and moving the furniture to accommodate my neck :)

  2. that works! and I am jealous you have an interior designer! :) I know, two focal points, but I figured at least people are aimed in the general direction of the fireplace haha