Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Living Room

So last week I showed you guys our sweet score of a coffee table. When we banished the coffee table to the attic, we also decided to ditch the side table too. We really didn't use it for anything. It just looked nice having stuff there. So with it being gone it really makes the wall look empty.

(I was watching Finding Nemo for the first time when I took this. I know, I'm about 7 years behind. So cute though!)

See how bare that wall is? Well at first I was thinking of making an asymmetrical grouping of picture frames and boxes. I laid them all out and then I realized it would look too cluttered on the wall. Then I thought of three simple shelves. But that would look funny because we already have three shelves over our bar area directly across from this wall. So here is what I came up with..

In real life they are square, I just have no skills and made this in paint.

Close up of the pictures:

It's two different pictures from The third one is the first picture rotated to look different. I think the dark brown leaves, the ivory colored background and the faint light blue stripe goes perfectly with our living room. So what do you think? Should I take the plunge and buy these bad boys?? Or is there another option I am missing? Suggestions please!!

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  1. i think three black and white prints of the family would look great. or a large mirror. you can get great deals on mirrors on craigslst.