Monday, May 17, 2010

Coffee Table or Bench?

My sister, Julie, has been awaiting my upcoming trip to Ohio for one reason. No, not to see me, but for me to bring up the table that she requested me to build months ago. She sent me plans for the Rustic Bench, again from JJ and I went to Lowe's and got all the wood for $21, not including the stain and began to build. The plans are fairly easy until you reach the ending, where we kinda winged it. I measured the boards and JJ cut on the miter saw I got him for our 2 year anniversary.

That's me pretending to cut, haha. Once we, I mean JJ, got the boards cut, he pre-drilled the holes and I screwed in the screws. We're quite the team. It was both of our first times countersinking screws and we now will forever do it to everything else we build. It looks so much more professional! I wish I could go back and do it to the other tables! But anyways, we soon came up with the legs:

This is about the time when I called my mom to wish her a happy Mother's Day. I told her we had started to build the bench and she thought Julie wanted a coffee table. So after a bit of confusion, it turned out my sister doesn't know how to read--considering she sent me the plans for the Rustic BENCH. It worked out ok, because my mom has a thing for benches and gladly said she would take it. So back to building we went. Everything went really smooth until we got to the cross supports. Pain in the rear. We couldn't figure out the angles, neither of us are very "mathy." So after struggling for a good half hour, I just laid the boards down where they would go and drew the angled line. And surprisingly it worked!
Here's JJ in progress:

And the finished product:

All that's left is staining or painting, whichever my mom chooses. I'll post pictures of what she decides. This bench was very easy and ended up very sturdy. JJ said he wish we didn't have to give it away! Haha. Looks like we'll be making one, or something similar to it in the near future!

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  1. you should check out my blog in regard to a bench...
    this was the first thing i ever built...

    let me know if you make it...

  2. Wow this looks fabulous! I love the plans from KO wood. You {and jeremy =)} did a fantastic job! Love this! Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase Party! I greatly appreciate it. Hope you are having a wonderful week! ~ Stephanie Lynn