Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weekend Warriors

Ta Da!!!

Our laundry room is finalllly done! After weeks of JJ perfecting the storage he built from scratch, it is hung!!--with help from the new neighb! (They now have a bromance haha) I forgot to take before pictures of the room, but i assure you, it was nothing special what-so-ever. What sparked the redo was buying a new front loader washer and dryer on a whim. Well, not a complete whim, the old washer would leave spots of laundry softener all over so it was "necessary" haha. This of course led to a complete overhaul. I wanted the laundry room color to be light and crisp feeling so I thought yellow sounded nice. I recruited ol' J to help with the exact color choice. He was so excited (NOT). But regardless of his lack of enthusiasm we decided on a color named "Lemon Meringue". Sounds nice, eh? Turns out it looked like teacher chalk.

Not exactly the look we were going for.

So back to Lowe's we go. We average about 3 trips there, on a good weekend. This time we went with something I knew I would love because it is on the same paint sample page as our office color.


The name of this is Arctic Blue. Muuuuch better!

Theres a some what close up of the pictures I made. We had bought a table runner and it ended up being too long so I had to cut it. The extra ended up being a perfect fit in the frames!

Here's a better picture of the storage JJ built:Talk about handy.

Voila. There's our laundry room. Too bad I forgot to take before pictures.. Next time..