Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well J convinced me to start a blog (I think because I told him some blogs actually make quite a bit of money ha). We've been quite busy the past couple of months and I should have started this when we first began all of our diy projects. oops.. We've been building tables and storage, completely redoing the laundry room, making the flower beds look pretty, and running in our first 5k race together! We also might be slightly obsessed with our golden retriever, Harley -- or as we like to call him happy Harley.

This picture's from the very first day we got him! Notice the blue painters tape in the background- I started painting before I even moved down here haha

I'm not sure what i am trying to accomplish with this blog, but it at least will keep the fam up-to-date with our random projects we like to start.
If I decide to tell anyone.. haha

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